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Retirement Activist

If you are retired or semi-retired and you want to keep your mind active and challenged, continue to learn new things and keep building a better society, then congratulations! You qualify for a new self-identity….a ‘Retirement Activist’!

Retirement Activist


“a retiree who brings about social change by challenging stereotypes, sharing their experience and building a better society”.

Synonyms: Not giving up, keeping mind, body and spirit active, finding intrinsic motivation from new and challenging experiences.

Ok, DEMO:U coined this term and created a whole new definition to go alongside it, but we believe this captures the essence of what many people are looking to become when they transition from work into retirement. Here’s why….

It’s well documented (although not discussed enough) how retirement can make many people feel. After having a long and successful career, retirees can feel anxious about the future; as if they have lost their identity, purpose, and meaning; sometimes even guilty that they are not doing enough. In some cases, this can even lead to physical and mental health problems. Often people don’t want to give up work completely, but a traditional ‘part-time’ job is too much of a commitment or doesn’t provide the right level of challenge; and besides, it’s not really about money anymore…..

It is also clear that the generation entering the workforce now may be 75-80 (or more) years old before they can retire with a state pension. Imagine feeling like you helped some of them at the outset of that very long journey…….

DEMO:U has a bold ambition to overcome the anxieties which beset both generations as they enter and leave the workforce by acting as a conduit through which they can support each other in a mutually beneficial way.

We are looking for Retirement Activists to act as Mentors to individuals as part of our mock assessment and career-steering days and/or our digital assessment experiences.

If you are ‘semi-retired’ or retired and have been in senior professional roles; if you have experience of recruiting, managing, people development and coaching within your teams or as an HR professional, we would love to hear more from you. There is no set time commitment, you would get all the training you need and what’s more, access to a whole new network of like-minded Retirement Activists.

Please email us at with a bit about you, why this sounds interesting to you and if you have one, your CV. We will be in touch.

If you just want to find out a little bit more, please contact us here.

Click here to view a few profiles of our current Retirement Activists.


 Associate Mentor

DEMO:U are looking for people to join their Associate Mentor pool to support with mock assessment and career-steering experiences and/or our digital assessment experiences.

You will ideally:

  • be an occupational/business psychologist or HR professional who owns their own company
  • have sound experience in the assessment and development of individuals through competency based interviewing, assessment centres, feeding back on and integrating data from psychometric tests
  • be able to quickly pull key data and messages together for feedback reports
  • have a naturally coaching and supportive style

To mentor on the senior manager to executive digital assessment experiences, you must have:

  • At least a decade worth of experience in interviewing and assessing at the most senior levels of an organisation; including providing feedback and having coaching conversations.

You will ideally have:

  • A coaching qualification


If you think you fit the profile and would like to be considered, please email us at with your CV, a bit about you and why this sounds interesting to you.

Click here to view a few profiles of our current Associate Mentors.


  • Preparing everyone to get the job they want.
  • Maximising your chances of success
  • For organisations: creating a level playing field
  • For the education sector: improving student outcomes

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