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Going for an interview or an assessment centre can be a daunting experience at the best of times. Add to that an increasing movement towards technologically-enabled assessment approaches and virtual interviewing; this is enough to put many people off applying for the jobs they aspire to.

If you’re a stay at home mother or father applying for jobs or embarking on a new career, or if you have been out of work for a sustained period of time due to health, redundancy, incarceration or any other reason; DEMO:U can help. By creating an experience where you can try out different parts of an assessment process in a safe and supportive enviroment we are postive this will give you increased confidence and capability to push yourself to apply for the job you really want as well as transition successfully back into work. No more negative self-talk. It’s time for action!

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The DEMO:U experience when returning to work

Based on our research and experience, we’ve identified behavioural measures that cover almost everything you could be assessed against. If you’re going for a particular role, we’ll link your feedback to that job and the organisation you are applying to at no extra cost.

If you are not going for a particular job and just want the opportunity to practice, that’s great too. Based on your CV and an understanding of the type of role you are interested in, we will do the rest


The DEMO:U experience includes

  • Support and feedback from an experienced mentor throughout the process
  • On-line questionnaires covering personality, verbal, numerical and logical ability tests
  • Mock video interview: 2- way live video interview using latest interviewing technology
  • Transitioning session: getting you to think about the strengths, qualities and capabilities you’ve built up in your absence from work and how you can use those to your advantage
  • Personalised on-line feedback report, recordings of interviews, insights about personality and fit to target job and work environment


Just some of the anticipated outcomes:

  • Increased confidence and decreased anxiety; feeling better prepared with more self-belief to go and get the job you want
  • Increased understanding of what organisations and recruiters are looking for
  • Increased understanding of your strengths, preferences and development areas and how this links to the target job (if applicable)
  • Increased understanding of how you can use work and non-work related experiences to help you become more attractive to employees.
  • Increased capability in employability skills (e.g. verbal, non-verbal and written communication, interviewing)

If you have any further questions before booking, please get in touch.

Additional information

Demo:U Experience

The DEMO:U Experience combines independent work (Step A) and face-to-face time with a mentor/coach (Step B) through our video interviewing platform. You will firstly be required to complete:


• A personality questionnaire and at least one Verbal, Numerical or Logical reasoning ability test. You will complete these online through our highly regarded psychometric partner’s platform ( Even if you only complete one of the ability tests, you will have access to all of them and therefore, the opportunity to experience the others at a later date if you wish; as long as you keep the log-in details. There are instructions and practice opportunities in order to support you through it.
• Upon completion of these steps, you will be sent an email offering you a number of dates and times to complete Step B.


• Once a date and time has been set between you and an appropriately experienced mentor, you will undertake a live interview via video using cutting-edge interviewing technology (
• You will receive feedback on how you came across both in terms of content, presentation and interviewing style.
• If you are going for a particular role, we will help you think about the behaviours that will likely be important to demonstrate in the recruitment process.
• You will then move into a more exploratory discussion with your mentor using your personality preferences as a basis to help you think about your aspirations, strengths and skills you have built up during your time outside of work.
• Approximate total face-to-face time with mentor: 2-hours


Following the face-to-face session, you will be sent or have access to the following:

• Personalised feedback report
• Access to recordings of the live mock interview
• A copy of your own Personality, careers report, logical, verbal, numerical reports

Some of the finer legal details

• All materials you receive from DEMO:U are copyrighted and for the ‘service users’ own personal use. You are not permitted to make multiple copies and they are not for sharing with others.
• Your order is only binding at the point at which we send you confirmation by email.
• Any sensitive personal data will be anonymised once collected through the surveys and held in secure password protected folders.
• The service ‘begins’ at the point at which DEMO:U sets the service user up to complete Sova Assessments and the service user receives an access email to log in and complete them.
• Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 for services bought at a distance, DEMO:U may not begin supplying the service during the 14 day cancellation period; unless the consumer expressly requests so. Therefore, you will be asked to tick if you agree for the service to commence within the 14 days after the contract is entered into.
• Please click here to see our full terms and conditions.


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