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DEMO:U offer a range of digital and face-to-face mock assessment and career-steering experiences to support your students to build their clarity around career direction, employability skills, self-belief, resilience and self-awareness. DEMO:U’s unique approach is highly tailored to ensure that we address your needs and those of the group(s) you want to support.

These groups might include:

  • Minority and protected characteristics (e.g BME, disability, gender, LBGT+), widening participation (socially disadvantaged), first generation students
  • STEM students or other subject specific groups/clusters (e.g. humanities, politics)
  • Preparing people for degree or higher apprenticeship interviews and assessment centres
  • Preparing the most proactively career-minded students or students undertaking credit bearing ‘careers education’ modules
  • Early engagement (e.g. running a mock assessment experience at the first stages of a students’ course so they can maximise use of career resources available)

Please get in touch to discuss your particular needs. And take a look at our case study below from the DEMO:U experience at Southampton University; working with protected characteristic and widening participation students.


Students in their second and third years at Southampton University took part in a 1-day DEMO:U Experience. The experience blended a true-to-life assessment centre intervention, with in-depth developmental and employability support, career steering, ‘student-to-work’ transitioning and self-awareness activities.

Students were asked specific questions before and after the intervention. After just one day, there was an average reduction in anxiety of going through assessment processes of 46% and a 25% average increase in confidence levels about the prospect of applying for and securing a graduate role.

Students were selected based on diversity to help determine whether there were any groups for whom this experience may have most benefit. This included students who were considered to have a ‘protected characteristic’ or from ‘widening participation’ (socially disadvantaged backgrounds).

“I genuinely believe every aspect was valuable, it was very detailed and well planned out.”

“The amount of materials, documents, workshops and guidance I’ve got has prepared me much better than anything online ever could. Although I haven’t’ started applications yet I feel I’ve got a much better understanding of myself, the application process and what employers are looking for which will be amazing when I start applying.”

“This experience has given me more confidence in myself and my abilities where I would otherwise falter or question myself.”


  • Preparing everyone to get the job they want.
  • Maximising your chances of success
  • For organisations: creating a level playing field
  • For the education sector: improving student outcomes

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