DEMO:U has one clear objective: preparing everyone to get the job they want

  • For individuals this means providing supportive experiences which help you maximise your chances of success
  • For organisations this means improving access and diversity to create a level playing field
  • For educational institutions this means preparing your students and improving their employability and career destinations

We provide realistic, feedback-rich assessment experiences. These blend digital and face-to-face support through cutting edge technology: PREPARE YOURSELF

“Demo:U was great for my personal development and understanding of what it took to be accepted onto a graduate scheme. I found myself having a lot more confidence when going into interviews.  As a result, I was able to find a graduate role within three months of leaving university.”

Southampton University Graduate


Are you looking to prepare yourself?


Are you looking to attract more diversity and improve their chances of success?

Education sector

Are you a school, college or university looking to provide personalised support to students and maximise their chances?

See what people have to say about our services:

“I genuinely believe every aspect of my DEMO:U experience was valuable. This experience has given me more confidence in myself and my abilities, where I would otherwise falter or question myself”

Female, BME participant

“ I wish I had the opportunity to get this level of insight into myself at the start of my career ”

Mentor and ex-partner at KPMG

“ If only this was available to me when I was applying for jobs. I completed 30 application forms, 12 interviews and 4 assessment centres before getting my graduate job. Having a chance to practice, get amazing feedback and explore career preference at the start of this journey would have saved so much time and set me up for success.”

Recent grad on FTSE 10 graduate programme.


  • Preparing everyone to get the job they want.
  • Maximising your chances of success
  • For organisations: creating a level playing field
  • For the education sector: improving student outcomes

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